“I feel like a Princess!”









“Now this is a princess room!”

Georgiana exclaimed when she saw her room redecorated with beautiful pink furniture. This was a well-deserved surprise for her great school results. Georgiana had decided to choose a professional school instead of a renowned high school, despite her good grades, to specialise in a trade, get a job faster and help her family.

Everyone was impressed to watch this young lady sacrifice her future for her family’s well-being, especially Laura, one of our big-hearted supporters, who decided to prepare a nice surprise for this special young lady. Georgiana shares her room with her younger sister and the place featured an old and run-down sofa. The girls used to sleep in it and during the day, transform it into a nook to be used for doing homework and studying for school.

One can imagine how great it must feel to watch the old and ragged sofa being thrown away in a corner of the backyard and replaced with a pink bed, a fluffy mattress, nightstands and a desk waiting for you to start studying and reading.

We are blessed to say that we have many people by our side, supporting our cause and mission at St. Christopher’s Centre. Many got involved in our soulful project. Some people offered their van to use and transport the furniture from Pitesti to Curtea de Arges, others helped us move the furniture and install them. They were all impressed to learn about Georgiana’s story, our true hero and champion!

Georgiana and Andreea were ecstatic to see their room transform before their eyes and witnessed the entire process, how a van stopped in front of their home, people got off and started carrying furniture into their yard, then to their room. Everything seemed surreal and they could not believe their eyes. They promised to cherish it and decorate it nicely!

After our volunteers finished installing the desk the girls got close and with one look, decided to share it and use it together. They did not, for one second, exhibit any selfishness! Children who are used to fighting for everything, who do not get spoiled that often, who do not enjoy a luxurious or more abundant life, treasure every small gesture; everything they receive is appreciated for its intrinsic value. No matter the gesture, the object, everything is treasured, and you can see that in their eyes.

We left their home with a nice image imprinted in our hearts: two young girls who were so happy, they were lost for words. This image will follow us for a long time, and in our book, it represents the highest form of gratitude that one can receive.