Important family event at Saint Andrew’s: Celebrating Sara Banu’s first year of life









Sara is the youngest member of our extended family of care here at Saint Andrew’s. She is a one year and three months old little wonder, a wonderful child, very much cherished and taken care of by the entire staff and Claudia’s favourite foster baby sister.

At Sara’s christening ceremony at our Centre, and we had the pleasure of welcoming two amazing God parents, carefully picked by Sara’s caring parents, two big-hearted people who took on this special role of spiritual guardians. The christening ceremony took place at the Centre as Sara’s condition prevented her from attending a nearby Church, and the event was a special one as she was surrounded by warm and beautiful people, having her twin brother nearby, our Centre’s Director, Mrs. Mariana Mandreanu and some of our dedicated team members, a second family for us all.

Sara’s Godparents were delighted to prepare a wonderful attire, a beautiful cream dress for our amazing girl, brought her numerous gifts decorated with red bows and cut a strand of hair and put it away for safekeeping.

After the first year of life this ceremony marks the beginning of the child’s adventure marked by the cutting of the first strand of hair. It was a wonderful day filled with emotions and joy and Sara was surrounded by lots of loving and caring people. We are delighted to have such dedicated and caring team around us, and Sara has had an amazing start in life which we are sure will benefit her entire rehabilitation process.