Iza and her passions …

Izabela soon to turn 7 on March 30th 2020,  and although the doctors were not too hopeful concerning her future at St. Andrew’s centre, based on her severe diagnosis which includes several illnesses, step by step, with lots of care, love, dedication and numerous medical examinations, her condition stabilized and she started to feel better.

She can walk by herself, is willing to try and eat by herself, and although she sometimes needs a little hand, she is currently learning how to communicate efficiently as she comes from a deaf and mute family and every day she delights us and amazes us with her sign language acquisitions.

Lately she has developed a fondness towards stories for children played using the computer or tablet. But at the centre we don’t own the latter so that she couldn’t use it frequently to play her favourite stories whenever she feels like it.

Izabela is a favoured member of our local community and she stole a lot of hearts with her characteristic cuteness thus, a group of kind people from our community decided to surprise her by purchasing a special tablet for her particular use.

We cannot describe in words her sheer delight upon laying eyes on the tablet which she now uses as a phone, just like she has seen adults around her do, and she is so happy that she can watch her beloved stories.

Everyone at St. Andrew’s Centre is delighted to see Izabela make progress and we feel incredibly fortunate to have received such a generous gift for our young lady.