Izabela welcomes Spring with open arms







During the last couple of months the weather has been harsh and quite unfriendly and unfortunately this meant limited time spent outside for our children. To avoid colds and ugly viruses plus any other illness that could create mayhem in their frail immune system, the centre’s doctor recommended us to keep the kids indoors and put them on a course of iron, calcium, Vigantol and fish oil to strengthen their immunity and get them ready for the next season.

In late February, the weather changed, temperatures raised gradually, and the sun and mild winds announced the arrival of spring. This is exactly why Izabela decided to go outside and get her vitamin D during a well-earned walk and play session in the centre’s courtyard. Izabela enjoyed the generous space, the kind people, the games, toys and relaxed atmosphere.

Using the helping hand of one of our caregivers Izabela basked in the sun for a bit, walked around, played with her favourite dolls, used the slide and swings after having been encouraged and gently coaxed to do it on her own. She used to be afraid of the swings and the thought of using it by herself would sound terrifying. Now she feels comfortable and she is delighted to use the slide by herself. Every day we admire her determination and willingness to become more independent, to try new things and test her abilities. She is a delightful young lady, and we couldn’t ask for more.

We are looking forward to Spring and Summer seasons as they are the children’s favourite as they get to stay outside and have fun in the sun.