Izabela’s Birthday









We are delighted to announce that our beloved Izabela turned 8 years old on the 30th of March.

The weather was nice, and the entire team assembled to celebrate this important moment, both indoors and outdoors. After a long and cold winter, we finally had the opportunity to spend some quality time outside and mark another important moment in Izabela’s life. We prepared for the event with a delicious cake, sodas, toys, a healthy dose of fun, and of course, a small present for our special birthday girl.

Izabela received a puzzle with animals from the farm and a toy kitten that purrs when touched, an interactive toy that can be walked around on a leash. Iza was delighted to discover her gifts and she had fun with them during the party.

Claudia decided to join her friend on this special occasion, to support and help her blow the candles. Iza and Claudia have been best friends and Claudia’s relocation to her foster family’s home left a void in Izabela’s life. The cake was made from biscuits and featured chocolate and vanilla cream so that all the kids in the ward could taste a delicious slice.

Izabela was magnificent, a real young lady, dressed to the nines in a lovely dress. She posed for the cameras with our staff members and was curious to see the pics and took pleasure in examining each and every one of them.

Almost 8 years ago Izabela arrived at our centre. She was born on 30 March 2013 and was placed in foster care at Saint Andrew’s Centre on Jun 28, 2013. She was so ill and frail, and her diagnosis included several severe problems which made the doctors conclude she had a limited life expectancy. Her diagnosis included severe obstructive respiratory insufficiency through malposition of the epiglottis, tracheostoma, renal polycystic disease, motor delay, hypoacusis under observation. Izabela requires special care like the suctioning of the tracheostoma, permanent monitoring based on the risk of choking due to abundant secretions.


Izabela was born prematurely at 36 weeks with perinatal hypoxia which required neonatal resuscitation manoeuvres, she subsequently developed respiratory distress syndrome and was put on mechanical ventilation and had a tracheostoma mounted when she was just 17 days old. Izabela was hospitalized on several occasions due to her high-risk medical problems.

In time, Izabela proved to be a fighter, she overcome life’s challenges and today she is a happy 8-year-old girl who delights us all with her cuteness, outgoing self and her progress. We are delighted to have her by our side. We celebrated a beautiful human, in the company of our dear friend, Claudia on a memorable sunny day.

Happy Birthday, Izabela and many happy springs to come!