Learning new skills that nicely round up our future adults’ upbringing

We love to organize various workshops and activities here at St. Christopher’s centre that focus on bringing up well rounded adults, balanced individuals who can take on various tasks either at work or around the house. We have a group of hard-working children who take pleasure in practicing their skills, learning new information and participating in fun games that challenge their creativity and soft skills. This month we focused on learning and completing various house chores that help our parents and brothers, make kids feel useful and increase their level of involvement in various family activities and house chores. The children do not like to be served and they usually get up and set the table. We had the pleasure of showing them various scenarios like how you set the table for your loved ones at home or for guests when napkins and cutlery are carefully placed on the table.


Next our Centre’s cooks taught us how to prepare sandwiches for school and we took turns in making some for our group friends. Preparing the school backpack and snack box, especially when several children are around is quite a feat and Moms struggle during busy mornings to get everything in check. When one of the family members steps in the process gets easier. Another fun workshop focused on learning how to prepare sweet surprises for our loved ones, like cakes, pancakes and even birthday cakes.

We have a group of fearless young ones who loved whipping cream, mixing flour with cocoa powder, butter and other delicious ingredients, setting the time and waiting for the cake to get baked in the oven. They were supervised by our cooks and specialists and had a mighty good fun and we are sure they will take home the entire experience and prepare surprises for their loved ones. We like to see they already know how to be useful, how to clean the space, tidy up the tables and get them ready for another day. The future is looking bright seen through the eyes of perfectly rounded individuals and we are sure our children will soon rule the world as experienced professionals who are not afraid to complete tasks and stay on top of their life.