Madalin undergoes surgical intervention at Arges County Hospital

In March 2019 Madalin was recommended to undergo a surgical intervention to have a urethra stent mounted. The elective intervention was selected due to the long-term positive effects associated with the procedure which was successfully performed at Arges County Hospital.

Madalin recuperated swiftly and did not suffer any complications.

On January 27 2020 Madalin went for a check-up at the urology department from Arges County Hospital. He was hospitalized and underwent a second procedure for the positioning and fine tuning of the urinary prosthesis.

His hospitalization spanned three days for careful monitoring, but his recovery was positive and was recalled for follow-up consultation at three and six months.

At present Madalin is back at the Centre, he is doing well, his appetite for life and playing around remained unabated, he continues to mock Izabela by taking her toys when she is not looking and he likes to be the jester of the group, always amusing his friends with his moves and grimaces.

He is the same Madalin we all know and love proving one more time that he is a true fighter for life and a minor surgery will never stop him in his tracks. Keep it up, young man!

We are delighted to have Madalin back with us, happy, healthy and ready to face whatever life has to offer! We will continue to be right by his side!