Minodora’s wheelchair









Minodora is among one of the last children with needs to join St. Andrew’s family of love and care and she arrived here from another facility in Pitesti.

Sadly, she is seldom visited by family members or loved ones and so the St. Andrew’s team has taken on the family role, caring people who make sure she never misses a thing.

She was in a dire situation upon her arrival due to the improper wheelchair and incorrect body position. The chair was not tailored to her needs, height or weight and she was struggling every day to stay active and enjoy her time. The centre’s specialists provided another wheelchair, and she adapted to it, and she has been using it ever since.

Recently, a group of big-hearted people from our local community learnt about Minodora’s struggles and about our wish to purchase a new wheelchair for her, they joined forces and took all the necessary steps to transform Minodora’s dream into reality.

At present Minodora is enjoying a bright orange Gemini wheelchair, very handy and easy to use, tailored to her current requirements. Minodora loves her chair and one can clearly see that she is happy and content every day.

We are delighted to report such positive developments and we hope the chair will bring lots of luck to our dearest Minodora!