More surprises for the kids






We’ve been doing it for ages, offering joy and hope to common folks who face numerous challenges every day, who live an unhappy and deprived life and think there is no help in sight.

This time we brought a ray of light through the presents prepared by CID at St. Christopher’s Centre that have finally reached the homes of numerous children who understand in this way that they are cherished, and that other big-hearted people think about their needs and like to make beautiful surprises. As per usual, our presents arrived where they are most needed. They cheered the homes of many kids where a grandmother raises several grandkids, where Mums don’t make ends meet every day, where there are so many siblings that some get lucky when they find a foster home where they can enjoy a warm meal, together, not separated by a cruel destiny.

Through the partnership developed with the Saint Michael and Gabriel Social Centre and with the help of the parish priest who knows all the stories of his parishioners, especially the kids who never get presents, not even at Christmas, we managed to identify and visit the children who received fresh products and various foods, sweets, new clothes and footwear and beautiful toys.

These “magic” boxes filled with wonderful things, as one kid called them, got tightly held against many chests, near beautiful young hearts that kept beating so hard they nearly broke their fragile rib cages. It was an incredibly fulfilling sight and the reason why we continue to develop such programmes in the hope of reaching all the homes where children need to feel loved, protected, and not forgotten by their community.