Mowing the lawn and having fun in the Centre’s courtyard









We are young and unashamed to work hard for our dreams. Especially when we do it for our favourite spot, full of fond memories, our beautiful courtyard, found in the back of our Centre, where we spent numerous wonderful moments, where we ran, laughed, dreamed and created stories.

During the last couple of days, we went to the nearby forest to collect garbage, as a part of our Volunteering September activities, now we would like to clear the space and clean the yard of our Centre. Any activity that can help us become independent, to manage things on our own, is a welcomed addition to our daily routine. We decided to get involved in any activity that makes things look better, more beautiful, that beautifies and preserves the surrounding environment of our favourite spots.

It’s not hard to collect the mowed grass, to make little piles, to rake leaves, to prune the bushes and trees. Mowing the lawn is one of our favourite activites as we can create fluffy piles of grass where we can sit for hours in the backyard. It’s not hard at all, it’s an enjoyable past time, another reason for us to play around and have fun. We can run, laugh, tell jokes while doing so. We can’t understand why others prefer to mope around when mowing the lawn is such fun. We would like to suggest that they remember how it feels  to be a kid, then they will see how beautiful life can be. Through the eyes of a child, that is! The freshly cut grass entices our senses, invites us to dream, to take a well-deserved break, enjoy a snack in the yard, not at the table as per usual.

 Welcome Autumn! We’ve been waiting for you for quite some time, now!