Shoebox Appeal 2018 has been in full flow since September. Roy Wheeler, the Appeal’s Volunteer Co-ordinator has been whizzing around school assemblies and church services encouraging support, whilst in the last four weeks across the UK, John Burns, Tracy England, Caroline Wilkie, Trish Whitcomb and host of other local Ambassadors and Thrift Shop Managers, … Continued

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Children in Distress, a small British paediatric palliative care charity, is in a race against time to create an emergency reserve water tank to feed the sprinkler system installed in the charity’s St Margaret’s Hospice in Bucharest. The completion of the tank and installation of the necessary pumping system will guarantee the operating license and … Continued

Violeta joined the care team at St Cristofer’s hospice as a nurse In April 1999. Once adapted to its care regime she impressed everyone by her never-ending enthusiasm, love and care lavished on the children in its little extended if unconventional family. She still enjoys spending time with her ‘little ones,’ communicating with them and … Continued

Izabela is no longer afraid to explore, to analyse objects, surfaces, textures, to experience our wonderful world every day. She is encouraged to use her creativity and imagination and to allow other children to join her. She is already a pro at playing games using colourful balls, figurines, action figures, puzzles and plush toys. She … Continued