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Minodora’s wheelchair

                Minodora is among one of the last children with needs to join St. Andrew’s family of love and care and she arrived here from another facility in Pitesti. Sadly, she is seldom visited by family members or loved ones and so the St. Andrew’s team has taken … Continued

In March 2019 Madalin was recommended to undergo a surgical intervention to have a urethra stent mounted. The elective intervention was selected due to the long-term positive effects associated with the procedure which was successfully performed at Arges County Hospital. Madalin recuperated swiftly and did not suffer any complications. On January 27 2020 Madalin went … Continued

              December came and left, January did the same and yet there was no snow in sight and winter had not truly arrived. We kept asking ourselves every day when will winter take over from a balmy autumn like season. Without becoming redundant, the “When will it snow?” question … Continued

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Happy birthday Laurentiu!

                Laurentiu, “the one who received the laurel wreath”, a name inspired by this tale as old as time, like a brave warrior celebrated his fight for life by adding another year to his laurel wreath. Despite his personal universe being limited by his severe diagnosis, Laurentiu rejoiced … Continued

            The wonderful winter holidays are long gone but they left behind beautiful memories and presents which will continue to come in handy for a very long time. Because we were well behaved and good natured humans and because we attract numerous guardian angels, whom we would like to thank … Continued