St. Christopher’s children always liked to spend their free time reading. It has been a way to live their dreams, to live in the fantasies of the stories, to live in a fantasy in which there are no differences among children, no bullying, no discrimination, in which everything takes … Continued

                The first time a child goes to the seaside is a unique and memorable event. It’s that moment when they see the endless blue water hugging the horizon for the first time and those tiny feet touch the warm sand. That’s why we wanted from the bottom … Continued

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First haircut ceremony

                It’s been a month since our announcement that St. Andrew’s family was welcoming a wonderful, beautiful and smiley young boy, called Mihnea When Mihnea came to our center his hair was long and unkept as his Mum and Gran could not take care of his hair or … Continued

Meet our Runners! We are delighted to announce our three runners for this year’s Virtual London Marathon. Daniel, Adrian and Dan, are all accomplished athletes in their own right, and are dedicated supporters of Children In Distress. We want to wish all three of our runners the very best of luck from everyone at Children … Continued

                On July 15, 2021, we joyously celebrated the 10th birthday of our beloved young Cristina. The traditional intimate party was organized in our birthday girl’s honour and the cosy atmosphere, sweet surprises and nice gifts filled the day with memorable moments. Both the staff and children from … Continued