They say “a dog is man’s best friend”, the young resident of Saint Margaret’s Centre have just how true this can be. Ilinca, one of CID Ro’s new community volunteers recently arranged a visit from a number of service dogs. Friend from the Service Dogs Club – Association in Bucharest have developed a “Therapies and … Continued

In Romania, it never rains but it pours but recently the rain was so heavy, the St Andrew’s team thought some inflatable boats might be in order, not to mention some thigh-high welly boots. However, the sun eventually came up and invited the children and staff outside for R&R. Despite the rain, the children and … Continued

A necessary part of the CID way is to offer the children our care as normal and dignified a life, as possible, together with access to a myriad of specialised services to help them thrive, within the limits of their normally complex diagnosis.  We offer whatever therapy  works  from  board games fun to the outside frolics, afternoon hours … Continued

Recently, three good hearted supporters, Suzette Hannigan and Terry & Roger Germany, from Sutton in the Isle, helped ship two transit loads of donated hand knits and new clothing  to the children and teenagers in orphanages, children’s placement centres and the poorest families in Romania, supported by Children in Distress. This wonderful team of local … Continued