Time simply flies at Saint Margaret’s and the staff have organised yet another birthday party, this time  for two of the teenage residents one ‘old’ and one ‘new.’ David who has been with us for five years has turned eighteen and Ana Maria, the newest member of our family of care, against all expectations is now a seventeen year-old young … Continued

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Keeping it in the family

Glasgow like the rest of the UK is basking in a heatwave; despite the allure of lazy days of school vacation sunbathing, three generations of the Connelly family have been doing their bit for Children in Distress. Tina Connelly, CID’s office manager recently shared with her family the challenges the admin team face trying to … Continued

The  team at St Margaret’s, who love and care for the child residents, try to make the lives of all the children, sadly to many of whom are all too often abandoned by their birth families, as ‘normal’ as possible. Part of that approach includes surprising them by organising birthday parties, which offer treasured moments of … Continued