The wonderful winter holidays are long gone but they left behind beautiful memories and presents which will continue to come in handy for a very long time. Because we were well behaved and good natured humans and because we attract numerous guardian angels, whom we would like to thank … Continued

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Iza and her passions …

Izabela soon to turn 7 on March 30th 2020,  and although the doctors were not too hopeful concerning her future at St. Andrew’s centre, based on her severe diagnosis which includes several illnesses, step by step, with lots of care, love, dedication and numerous medical examinations, her condition stabilized and she started to feel better. … Continued

This past weekend Claudia had the opportunity to spend her time in the company of our esteemed colleague, Dana Ionila. As usual, Claudia is looking forward to spending quality time in the company of Dana’s family as the duo share a beautiful friendship. The schedule was packed full of activities as they went for a … Continued

St. Christopher’s recently celebrated National Culture Day in Romania along with the birth of the national poet, Mihai Eminescu. The children at the Centre decided to celebrate this important date by selecting a book to read and discuss, and a poem to recite from Eminescu’s works. Together they spoke about the creations of gifted Romanian … Continued