Last Monday was a day full of happiness and enthusiasm. We were delighted to be a part of an emotional reunion, full of energising and … Continued

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A wonderful gesture:

  We are always amazed by the loyalty and support that we receive from our supporters every day and today is no different.  For Jennifer Perrin, to think of us at such a sad time in her life, humbles us and makes us truly grateful.  She wrote on her facebook page: “For those asking about … Continued

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Good Deeds Caravan

This year, Children in Distress celebrates 30 years of activity, of sharing, of public service, of active involvement in the lives of hundreds of children. Numerous activities are planned to mark this special occasion. We are confident when we say we are not alone in our quest and we decided to find young volunteers and … Continued

Lately, we have been organising celebrations and in keeping with our Spring tradition, we decided to throw a feast dedicated to the arrival of the new season, to sunny days and children’s laughter! The organisers of the Feast in the Caro Hotel Garden invited us during 3-5 May weekend to participate in a wonderful event … Continued

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Stars4Dreams Concert

A couple of weeks ago we were in the midst of action, fine tuning the last details and getting ready for the Stars4Dreams Concert and it seems that our efforts paid off in unexpected ways as we witnessed a truly magical show and celebrated Children in Distress 30th anniversary since establishment and its continuous care … Continued