We love to organize various workshops and activities here at St. Christopher’s centre that focus on bringing up well rounded adults, balanced individuals who can take on various tasks either at work or around the house. We have a group of hard-working children who take pleasure in practicing their skills, learning new information and participating … Continued

Beautiful moments, glimpses of happiness and excitement at the pleasure of discovering gifts sent by big-hearted UK supporters.  As usual, the children like to live every moment at high intensity and always find new ways of using things. We had the pleasure of receiving parcels from our friends from afar, beautifully coloured and just in … Continued

Our little family of St. Margaret Centre sent a resound Happy birthday wish to two of our kids recently with a double celebration for Yzabela and Andrei. Despite his serious health problems, Andrei is eleven years old now. Yzabela is a four-year-old little playful girl. The children were surrounded with much love and attention during … Continued

A May Day sponsored walk for Children in Distress organised by Llantwit Major Friends of Children in Distress has been held every year since 1996, when the first walk took place over the newly built Second Severn Bridge. This first walk raised over £2000, and each walk subsequently has totalled £1000 or more. The Walk … Continued