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Izabela’s Birthday

                We are delighted to announce that our beloved Izabela turned 8 years old on the 30th of March. The weather was nice, and the entire team assembled to celebrate this important moment, both indoors and outdoors. After a long and cold winter, we finally had the opportunity … Continued

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Easter Festivities

     Download our Easter leaflet here           With our children celebrating Easter, it’s not too late to order your Easter gifts from the heart. Just visit our online shop here to orders yours today. Happy Easter everyone!

                We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Anastasia to our home! Anastasia is a four-month-old infant who was diagnosed with a severe digestive illness. She comes from a loving, legally constituted family and she has two siblings. Her Mom found out about the child’s digestive … Continued

                Madalin is a 21-year-old young man who came from a disorganised family. His parents placed him in foster care immediately after his birth in Valcea city. In September 1999, Madalin relocated to St. Christopher’s Centre in Curtea de Arges, Sasului Valley. His Gran used to visit him … Continued

            During the last couple of months the weather has been harsh and quite unfriendly and unfortunately this meant limited time spent outside for our children. To avoid colds and ugly viruses plus any other illness that could create mayhem in their frail immune system, the centre’s doctor recommended us … Continued