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Lent Calendar

CiD offers a calendar for those who observe Lent. We hope it will aid you s we move through Lent towards Easter. Please share it with others. We hope the calendar will keep us mindful of the material blessings many of us have, blessings which are not known to many in Romania and elsewhere in … Continued

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More surprises for the kids

          We’ve been doing it for ages, offering joy and hope to common folks who face numerous challenges every day, who live an unhappy and deprived life and think there is no help in sight. This time we brought a ray of light through the presents prepared by CID at St. … Continued

                The end of 2020 brought a sad moment for us as we had to say our goodbyes to our dearest Beatrice, a proud member of our extended family of love and care for the last seven years. The end of December marked this moment when Beatrice was … Continued

                The winter holidays, especially Christmas, are about sharing and offering gifts to dear ones, about experiencing the love of people around us, about spending quality time in the company of family and friends, and those who do not have their family close by, like the children from … Continued

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Claudia and her new home

                Another chapter in her life and the best news for us all. Towards the end of 2020, an incredibly difficult year, with numerous challenges for each and every one of us, when good news seemed scarce, we received some concerning Claudia, and we would like to share … Continued