Old chums’ reunion makes our day

Claudia and Nelus spend a wonderful afternoon together.

This week we welcomed an impromptu visit from our old chum, Nica Nelus, former beneficiary of our social services and once upon a time a member of our extended family of care. In the company of Dana, the Centre’s physiotherapist, Claudia and Nelus went to a newly renovated park intended to revitalise the neighbourhood of Prundu, and to facilitate meetings for local community members who enjoy outdoorsy activities.

Claudia brought her trusty friend, her pink scooter and Nelus had his beautiful bike with him. The duo zoomed by on the tracks while Dana took a seat on a bench and enjoyed the stunning greenery around her. They asked a passer by to take a photo of them so that they can remember their happy reunion and special moment and we decided to share their joy with their far-away friends.

Claudia is a very popular young lady, and everyone enjoys her company.

Apart from her school friends and the girls she gets together with during group activities at the Centre, Nelus is like family to her, a brother and confidante so whenever he visits at the Centre, Claudia is incredibly happy to spend time with her him and is reassured their relationship has passed the test of time.

Regarding her rehabilitation, Claudia is doing well and she had lots of fun on her favourite “toy”, the pink scooter. She is happy she can trust her own powers, after some hard moments and surgeries, and her instincts and reactions and we are very proud of her progress. Every day brings something new and we feel incredibly blessed to be able to witness it.

Way to go Claudia, keep up the good work!