Play groups at St. Margaret’s Hospice







The wonderful winter holidays are long gone but they left behind beautiful memories and presents which will continue to come in handy for a very long time. Because we were well behaved and good natured humans and because we attract numerous guardian angels, whom we would like to thank from the bottoms of our little hearts filled with love and gratitude, we have received as gifts lots of games which help us develop certain abilities and skills and learn new information in an attractive way.

In general, we like to gather around these games during group sessions which take place once a week.We get divided into play groups: the initiates and experienced groups. We also enjoy the participation and help of our volunteer friends.

Here we learn how to interact with each other, how to wait for our turn during a game, how to offer or share toys and how to work with various tools. We, the experienced ones, also engage in activities that help us to develop our artistic sense: painting or creating collages.

We enjoy being a part of such activities and progress never ceases to amaze us. We are kinder to each other, we offer and request toys with greater ease, our paintings, collages or cards are getting better by the day.

We are happy and grateful to those who support and love us.