Poems from the heart – St. Christopher’s has a new artist









When she showed us her poems for the first time, we finally understood, once and for all, that appearances can be misleading and that we can be fooled so easily without a second deeper glance, beyond the superficial level.

Even though Andreea’s personality veers towards the rebellious, she is an independent young lady, who has been taught by her tough life how to cope better and overcome obstacles.

Even when she gets upset, she gets over it fast.

The harsh reality being that under this shell, created for her own protection, she is still a child who needs to live her age, and who’s normal needs and wishes are to feel safe and protected at all times.

What comforts our hearts is that the verses she aptly composes seem to indicate that her protection and safety comes from St. Christopher’s Centre where she can always find a shoulder to cry on, a warm embrace, positive learning experiences and a big-hearted team “ready to catch her whenever she might fall”.

She still makes some grammar errors but maybe she strugglesto find the best words, but despite these minor shortcomings her poetry is quite foretelling. She uses expressions meant to hint at her inner turmoil, her hopes, words that talk about the fact that we must never forget “how to be happy in life”, “we must continue to get together and share experiences”(the fact that we no longer can organize activities with the kids during these challenging times makes them all feel robbed of some great bonding times spent together with their best friends)

One of our team members taught her how to use words and compose verses correctly when she struggled to transform her thoughts into meaningful words.

She used to face huge problems due to communication difficulties with her peers and along the years she became rejected and disappointed by others which made her turn inside and throw that shell over her feelings to protect herself and not let others see her real self. It now seems that this route she adopted, namely, to express her feelings in writing is actually quite therapeutic, she managed to overcome some emotional traumas and she is now more willing to trust others and live her life freely.

We are delighted to have Andreea among us, to listen to her creations, to spend quality time together and we hope that, when these challenging times will come to a halt we will get together and continue to build on her future, on making her dreams a reality, creating happy memories and experiences and hopefully, these tough times will be left behind.