Romanian authorities are bracing up for a fully-fledged flu epidemic.

At present our country is facing a medical crisis as an increasing number of flu cases and deaths have been reported during the last couple of months. The poor weather conditions seem to play a crucial role.

Since medical institutions in our country have reported numerous cases diagnosed with influenza, there is a possibility that the authorities will declare it an epidemic and quarantine specialised facilities until conditions improve.

Luckily, the children at Saint Margaret’s Centre continue to be in tip top shape and no flu-like symptoms have been reported following repeated medical check-ups. To reduce the risk of contamination and spreading the virus among our children, the centre’s team implemented preventive measures: visits were suspended from the families of our centre’s volunteers, visitors and staff that show flu like symptoms. The medical team and specialised personnel will wear face masks and protective clothing during various daily routines.

We hope that conditions will improve and that all the children living at the centre will remain in the best shape health wise and avoid any unwanted complications.