Saint Margaret’s Hospice children’s ‘Water of life’ Appeal

Some of the residents for whom this ‘Water of Life’ Appeal means life or death

“Today  Copii in Dificultate launches this urgent ‘Water of Life’ Appeal to all  kind and generous, people willing to offer a helping hand to save St Margaret’s Centre & the lives of children in need. Donations in cash and in kind are equally welcomed and now urgently required” – Paul Kubaszky, Presidinte Adjunct CID Ro.

Copii in Dificultate does everything in its powers to comply with the challenge of new regulations and laws ensuring that children resident at their St Margaret’s Centre in Bucharest have a safe, secure ideal ‘home’ environment. The final step in that challenge is to secure the all-important Emergency Situations permit. However, this will require a substantial financial outlay so the Management team have launched an URGENT ‘Water of LIFE’ APPEAL to all the children’s friends and supporters, who could help us overcome this challenge.

The Emergency Situations permit, requires that Copii in Dificultate (CID Ro)  must build in St Margaret’s courtyard an underground  water tank with a reserve to provide the newly installed sprinkler system with enough water to contain a fire for three hours. This major construction will cost over €25,000, a sum CID Ro does not presently possess. The Local Authorities have set Saturday 1st of September 2018 as deadline for the permit. Without that permit, St Margaret’s Centre, however reluctantly, will have to close its doors.

St Margaret’s currently is home to twenty-three (23) children aged between 5 months and 18 years of age. Each child’s life story is heart rending. Most arrived having been abandoned by their families or after doctors considered them beyond care or treatment. Saint Margaret’s Hospice, a unique palliative and respite care centre, is often their one and only hope. Sheltered and safe there, every day is considered a bonus and its specialist care team does everything in its powers to make each day count, ease their condition,  soothe their pain and make the most of their uncertain future.

Now six years of age,‘ R’ is at constant risk to her complex neurological condition, she is highly dependent, immobile and wheelchair bound. She is a happy girl, who likes to sleep eyes wide open. Perhaps, she dreams of future like that of Mariana, CID Ro’s dedicated physiotherapist, who on a daily basis cares for her and ensures all her needs are met.  She is highly dependent, knows no other home and her life may be put at risk if the only home she has ever known is forced to close for want of a Fire Permit

‘A’ was abandoned at birth when his mother understood the implications of his congenital hydrocephalus and complex prognosis. The doctors gave him a month to live but with dedicated loving care, he is now 10 years old.   He has a strong will to live but is highly dependent on his dedicated personal medical assistants and caregivers, who feed, bathe, clothe him and sooth his pain every day.

For Local Authority officials, these children are anonymous notations on a grim statistical report. For CID Ro, they from the rationale for its mission of care. A mission in which “every child matters and they are helped live their life to their full potential, no matter how short that life may be

Closing a unique Centre, like Saint Margaret’s, may well consign twenty-three young Romanians to a slow and painful death since for the Local Authority officials these kids are nothing but a burden and they do not have the funds or the dedicated specialist care services, they so desperately need.

To save St Margaret’s, we will need 30 cubic meters of concrete, 2 tons of steel reinforcements, excavation protection panels, concrete casting moulds, props, waterproofing materials, “Berlin” protection pins, pumps, pipes and other installation materials just to build the water tank.

The kids cared for by Copii in Dificultate (CID Ro), bravely never give up; today we seek friends, partners and people of goodwill to support them. Their fellow Romanians have a moral duty to provide for these most vulnerable of children, the best of care  and their right to a decent and dignified life for as long as that might be

Donations can be made through the Just Giving donation button on the Website’s home page or by calling Tina on 0141 5595690