Santa’s presents started to pour in at Saint Andrew’s Centre. Sending our gratitude to children’s sponsors and friends for their thoughtful gifts

Clara surrounded by her gifts

Christmas week was packed full of wonderful surprises for the children and staff at St Andrew’s, as the adults were offered the chance to relive happy childhood memories of unwrapping presents around the Christmas tree. Santa as it seems has been extremely busy and some presents having been sent earlier, on behalf of our children’s sponsors and big-hearted supporters from afar, or as we like to call them, Santa’s trusted elves. They sent us letters weeks in advance asking about the children’s needs or special wishes for Christmas so that they could inform Santa and it seems that everyone’s wishes were listened.

First to receive a parcel, which we hurriedly unwrapped for him to discover a wonderful present inside was Elizeo, our forever smiling and good-natured chap who gave us an inquisitive look the moment we announced Santa sent him an unexpected box. Elizeo received from his sponsor and friend, Ben Rimington Wilson, a plush Mickey Mouse toy we are sure will become the ward’s mascot, it makes some enchanting noises when its hand is squeezed and a wooden labyrinth toy, which will be used during Elizeo’s therapy sessions. He was very excited when he saw the toys and he had fun posing with the presents when we took some photos which, we hope, express his sheer delight.

Clara was another happy camper, who received a wonderful gift from her supporter, Canon Porteous that we were so excited to pull out of the parcel. A wonderful white snowflake like dress with little hearts, a gorgeous pink suit to keep warm our very well behaved young lady and a musical toy, a baby hammer, to keep her entertained during various activities. Clara was so happy with her new clothes and was kind enough to let us capture the moment by taking some photos we are sending our sponsors as the children’s own special way of thanking them. Clara will wear her new clothes with pride especially as the fabrics will keep her warm during the cold winter months.

The St Andrew’s team would like to send best wishes and thanks to the children’s sponsors, great friends who always have the boys and girls at heart and who like to surprise them all the time.

May you have a wonderful and Happy New Year!