School is right around the corner

Getting ready for new beginnings.









We have a great group of children here at St. Christopher’s Centre, hard-working individuals who love to read, study, learn new things with each workshop and activity we organise and dedicate to them. This summer was quite productive as all the children got to read numerous wonderful literary creations, debated various existential issues, discussed about their family woes or special moments, put their creativity to work and crafted beautiful objects. We are proud of their work and impressed to see they do their best in becoming perfectly balanced and integrated adults, future engaged and proactive professionals.

Felix is a proud member of our book club and he embarked on a daunting quest this summer, to learn to read and write properly so that come autumn, he will be able to get great grades in school and perfect his skills. He is determined to make everyone around him proud, especially his parents who would like to see him have a great job and a successful career.

Felix was encouraged and supported by all his club friends, as some of them are also his classmates and would love to see him catch up and do better in school. Everyone took turns in explaining to Felix how to read, just like real teachers would do.

Some of the kids even gave up their free time or favourite activity to explain grammar basics to Felix. It is impressive, as no one asked them to support their friend, they volunteered straight away and are keen to help their friend, delighted to see him make progress. Each step Felix takes is like a small victory to them, an amazing one for us, the team, and the group of specialists who cannot believe what a perfectly tight group of amazing individuals we have brought together.

They are an example for other kids, and avoid being unkind to their peers as this has brought so much sorrow in their lives. They are looking forward to starting school and we wish them to be the best, especially to Felix who needs all our cheering and support!

Our adventures will continue in the following months, so stay tuned!