Sharing Ingrid’s life story, another lesson about love, hope and resilience.









On the 25th December, after Santa’s departure, Andreea asked us if there was a present for Ingrid. It’s nice to know that the children still think about others during such happy moments.

The children used to tell us stories about the little girl, about her family woes and financial problems. The kids used to share their gifts with her on occasions. This year, our bundles of joy at Saint Christopher’s Centre no longer have to share their presents. We were able to bring the festive spirit into their hearts and we feel incredibly blessed to be able to do so.

Do you still remember Ingrid’s life story?

She was diagnosed with cognitive delay and epilepsy and her Dad has several locomotor impairments following a stroke. Ingrid’s older brothers continued their studies in various cities around the country as their parents consider education their best chance of everything life has to offer. Even if their Dad can barely move around, every time we go to work on Ingrid’s rehabilitation, we find him meddling around, repairing a piece of furniture. He never ceases to fight for a better life, and he would like to do more for his kids. He moves a wheelchair around the garden, to keep his balance and to carry various things with it, like tools or wood needed for the central heating

Their humble abode is in desperate need of repairs. They did get a loan last year for the bathroom renovation but the worked stalled due to some workers who left with some of the money whilst Mum decided to invest in the kids, putting the project on hold. Their cheerful dog announced our arrival. Mum stepped out to see who was visiting. They were not expecting us, as they do not get many visitors. Even their relatives who live close by, do not pop by in for a visit.

They welcomed us with open arms. Their broad smiles turned into happy tears when they saw what presents we were carrying. The first gift was a plush teddy for Ingrid. She held it tight during our entire stay. We filled their fridge with delicious traditional produce, and we placed the cleaning agents and detergent near the stove.

We then asked them to remove Ingrid’s old mattress.

Ingrid goes through enuresis episodes at night and even if Mum installed a protective cover, the mattress is not very durable and can’t offer many uses in such circumstances.

But this time Santa brought them a brand new one to everyone’s delight. Transportation was included due to Dad’s problems and our team were more than happy to bring it over and install it. Ingrid helped us to make the bed using the fresh sheets decorated with butterflies, to dress new pillows and duvet in their protective cases and covers. Finally, when the bed was ready, Ingrid carefully laid her bear between the pillows and sat down beside her new friend.

Help, Hope & Hospice Association continues to work for its mission and to deliver moments of sheer joy by offering support and hope to those in need.