Our “Love in a Box”  Appeal


This appeal ensures that infants and children from the poorest families or in orphanages, hospices or hospitals know someone cares at Christmas. It’s a volunteer-led appeal to ensure they receive a Christmas gift. Because so many of the donors involved now also fill boxes with senior citizens in mind, the appeal also ensures that those living alone or in care, are not forgotten. These special gift boxes will, for many, make the difference between a little joy and warmth or simply going hungry over the festive season.


Why fill a shoebox?

This appeal reaches out to Europe’s poorest, the abandoned, the terminally or incurably ill; those with disabilities, those living with HIV or AIDS or dementia or the multiple challenges loneliness, poverty in old age can bring, showing that whatever their challenges there are still people who care.

Your shoebox, once filled with little gifts – perhaps a few things to keep them warm, clean and/or entertained – and wrapped in bright Christmas wrapping paper, will bring a little joy into people’s lives. Each shoebox, once opened, will certainly bring smiles, wonder and delight to a child or pensioner living in dire circumstances. All too often, they are living in poverty an have come to expect little of the joy of Christmas.

Please help us to fulfil the unique promise and commitment that each shoebox filled by you will be in the hands of a grateful child or pensioner living in poverty, before Christmas Day. You will make a real festive difference to every single parent family involved, each child and every pensioner with your “Love in a Box” Shoebox.


Rediscover the joy of giving

Please make our ‘Love in a Box’ Appeal  part of your preparations for the Christmas festivities by involving your church, your organisation, your colleagues at work, people at school or simply friends and family. Share a little of your good fortune and rediscover the joy of giving this Christmas. Send your brightly wrapped ‘Love in a Box’ with its little gifts to show your care and send your good wishes to someone who needs them this Christmas.


When do the boxes need to be ready?

Volunteers collect the boxes and take them to the depot in Potto, North Yorkshire, in early November.


How will the boxes get to Romania?

Alison Hayes will be transporting the boxes for us. This company is a leading clothing manufacturer with a large base in Romania.

We’re also grateful to Ameys Plc, the civil engineering company, for transporting shoeboxes to Potto in Yorkshire.


Can’t send a box? We’ll do it for you!

We know at this particular time it may difficult or even  impossible for you to fill and send a shoebox. To make it easier, we have a selection of Christmas gifts you can purchase for a child, family, or older person. You can buy them on our website right now or post an order form to us and pay by cheque or postal order. The special Christmas Gifts available are listed below, just click to find out more:

More information about ‘Love in a Box’

For more information please call our Glasgow office on 0141 559 5690.

Download our Love In A Box leaflet


See how it’s done!

Here’s a great video of a family preparing their shoeboxes last year


Last year’s shoeboxes brought joy to many people

Thank you to all our supporters for such wonderful gifts.