Smooth road to Heaven, our dear Bianca









We are very sorry to have to say our last goodbye to our dear Bianca.
After a week in which she fought for her life, unfortunately her heart gave up on Sunday 25th of April 2021.
In a very short time, Bianca’s health deteriorated, and she needed emergency hospitalization.
She was in a coma for a week, although the doctors did their best to stabilize her.

The news that Bianca passed away saddened each of us very much. Adults and children, we will all miss her.

We remember with nostalgia her active presence during the activities and her gentle soul. Many times, as an older sister of the other children, she enjoyed their every success.
Although from the outside Bianca looked like a strong child, her soul was fragile. So fragile and sensitive that she chose to leave to be with the angels so quickly.

We are sure that Bianca’s gentle soul will find the peace he needs up there, in Heaven, with our other children from St. Margaret’s Hospice family, which we still remember with fondness.

The religious burial ceremony took place on Tuesday this week and was held only in the presence of her family, due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 Pandemic. Even so, some of our care staff were present, paying their respect and laying a funeral wreath of white flowers for Bianca.
The rest of us pray for her soul and for the comfort of her family.

Smooth road to Heaven our dear Bianca! Let the angels be near you!