Snow, the gift that keeps on giving








December came and left, January did the same and yet there was no snow in sight and winter had not truly arrived. We kept asking ourselves every day when will winter take over from a balmy autumn like season. Without becoming redundant, the “When will it snow?” question kept lingering on everyone’s lips. The kids were looking forward to experience abundant snowing, touching and feeling its icy texture, moulding it in their hands, making snowmen and redecorating the backyard during our never-ending play hours spent outside, listening to its familiar screech under our steps. We even started to make collages with snowmen and snowflakes in anticipation of snow’s spectacle we were all longing to experience first-hand.

Yet when despair began to creep in and we began to get used to the thought that his winter will be devoid of snow we had the biggest surprise of our lives!

 It snowed heavily, just like we read in every fairytale.

We got up bright and early in the morning to discover the entire St. Margaret’s Centre yard covered in a thick, white and shiny blanket. We can’t describe in words the enthusiasm and joy that took over our little family. We finished our breakfast in the nick of time, got ready by putting on thick and warm clothes and we got outside to have some jolly good fun in the snow.

Our adventure started when we made a funny looking snowman to guard our snowy empire. Next, we gathered around it to play with never ending snowballs and to chase around a perfect day. We danced, laughed, dived in the fluffy snow, cheered and felt free and completely forgot about any struggles allowing this cold yet very friendly white friend to chase our sorrows away.

We will always keep these wonderful, sublime moments filled with happiness very close to our hearts. It was a perfect day, indeed!

Positive childhood memories are best built in winter, when nature offers the best spectacle and environment to create happy moments just like these.