We have admitted the following new children to St Margarets.

1 – Valentina Yzabela Alecu

Little Valentina, is a cheerful and playful young lady aged 1 year and 9 months old ,Valentina was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and severe heart diseases which prevent her from being taken care of at home.

2 – Andrei Romeo Enciu

Andrei, the latest addition to CID’s extended family living at St Margaret’s Hospice, has settled well to his new home and friends. At the time of his arrival, in late May, Andrei was an incredibly shy and timid child who wouldn’t dare to try to explore his surroundings.   Slowly, he has become interested in everything around him and has started interacting with the other children and the centre’s care staff.

3 – Madalina Jasmina Stefania Stan

Madalina Yasmina Stefania, the youngest child to arrive, at just 2 months old, arrived in Bucharest on May 25.  She has been diagnosed with 18 trisomy and heart congenital malformations. She has adapted very well to her new home, instantly charming her new friends and the centre’s specialists.