Name: Paul Kubaszky

    Title: Regional Director & Vice-Presedinte CIDRo

    Department: Copii in Dificultate

    Location: Bucharest

    A graduate economist and highly experienced finance director, latterly business entrepreneur and consultant, Paul had an exceptional career and played a key role in the modernisation and development of the power generation industry in both Romania and Iran. In 1990, he first set his talents to ensuring the success of Children in Distress projects and was instrumental in delivering projects in Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia and in Romania. Without Paul and his network of contacts and exceptional administrative ability Copii in Dificultate would not be the success it is today.

    Name: Melanie Morgan

    Title: Thrift shop manager (Shildon)

    Department: Commercial

    Location: Shildon

    Melanie took over as Thrift shop Manager from Joyce (Hutchinson) Hird, a tough act to follow, who for many years had been both volunteer and shop manager and was well known in the community. Melanie, very quickly made her mark on the operation of the Shildon shop and over the last few years, has consistently increased its contribution to the work of the Charity and the life of the local community. Melanie who had a wealth of experience in retail and market selling has introduce her own unique style which is much welcomed and appreciated by regular customers and those who drop in on the of chance of bagging a bargain. Melanie would welcome your call and offers of donations or help by calling 01388 773405

    Name: Edward Wieczysty

    Title: Mr

    Department: Administration

    Location: Glasgow

    Name: Caroline Wilkie

    Title: Funding Development Manager(North)

    Department: Fundraising

    Location: Pickering

    Caroline Wilkie recently joined the CID team to take over as Funding Development Manager in the North of England, a role which she fits into her already hectic schedule as an active mum. Caroline, who lives in Pickering, thrives on the challenge of juggling a career with a very busy family, social and sporting life, caring for her husband Paul and their three children Thomas, Isabell and Georgina. Caroline, relishes the challenges ahead. After a career in account management, recruitment and most recently in schools as an Examination Manager, she hopes to bring the skills and experience gained to build on the tremendous legacy of grass-roots support built up in the local community.

    Name: Valentina Zaharia

    Title: Executive Director, Copii In Dificultate and Executive Director Designate, Children in Distress UK

    Department: Copii in Dificultate

    Location: St Margaret's Bucharest

    Valentina, is a graduate in social work from the Theological Faculty of the prestigious University of Bucharest, who joined Children in Distress in 1998 to lead the Charity's 'Street Children' project, She graduate with a master degree in Third Sector management from Sheffield University in 2017. Vali, is the powerhouse and inspiration for many of the CID's projects and programmes delivered from St Margaret's Centre for Children's Care Services. In her wider role as Executive Director CID Ro., she was instrumental in achieving full registration from the National Authority for Child Protection for all of Copii in Dificultate's projects and she in the past she organised the Charity's acclaimed International Autism Conference programme. She sponsors the drive to develop progammes that meet the need of the terminally and incurably ill, and children who are destitute and disadvantaged and works tirelessly to champion their cause. Vali, would welcome your call on 0044212193121 or you can email on Valentina has accepted the challenge of further co-coordinating the work of the charities which make up Children in Distress Charity Alliance and will become lead manager for both CID UK & CIDRo. from January 2019