Name: Maria Popa

    Title: Trustee

    Department: Copii in Dificultate

    Location: Romania

    Maria Popa, one of CID’s patrons in Romania is a remarkable woman. This doyenne of Romanian cooking has served British Ambassadors as their cook, since before the Revolution and in that role has delighted everyone hosted at the British Residence in Bucharest. Her talents are much appreciated and sought after as the photographs, cards and letters of thanks from Patriarchs, Presidents and Royals that adorn the wall in her new Chez Marie Restaurant attest. Maria has always been generous to the children at St Margaret’s Hospice, sending little personal gifts, arranging parties, providing entertainers to bring them joy. Now a successful restaurateur in her own right with Chez Marie, a stylish restaurant, renowned for the warmth of its welcome and the quality of its food.

    Name: Father David Hope

    Title: Archbishop and Patron of Children in Distress

    Department: Copii in Dificultate

    Location: Bucharest