Summer group workshops:

Improving family bonding, communication and relationships by preparing surprises for our loved ones.

We like to organise periodical arts and crafts workshops here at the centre and we have an animated group of gifted children who enjoy being a part of the proposed themed actions. This week’s reunion was centered around the idea of doing something good for people close to them.

Oana, a shy and petite girl, decided to write an essay to her Mum.

Oana wrote about her Mum’s struggles, about the fact that she must provide everything for school, a warm meal on the table and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Oana moved us to tears with her confessions about her Mum, a real woman, a fighter, who loves to listen to her and offer her hugs and kisses.

One member of our team of specialists took Oana aside and reassured her that her feelings are absolutely wonderful and the best gift a parent could hope for, something that will deeply reassure her Mum that what she does is the best for her daughter. Our team guided Oana to create a hand-made present for her Mum using dried flowers, namely a beautiful picture where she inserted her special note for her Mom.

When we looked at the clock we could hardly believe our workshop was over. It was such a well spent day and once again, one of our talented kids amazed us with the love and beautiful feelings expressed towards loved ones. Oana went back home carrying her special cargo, a wonderful gift for her Mum, her precious feelings and best wishes for her.

Bravo, Oana! You always inspire us with your beautiful heart and creative mind!