Summer is here! It’s a play-date at St. Margaret’s Hospice!

At long last summer has arrived after many cold and rainy days. It is time to go outside, explore nature and plan many play-dates for our mischievous lot.

On a particularly sunny and bright day this week, we woke up bright and early in the morning and went outside for some very much-needed physiotherapy to warm up the muscles, flex the joints and get the children ready to have some fun.

The children are experts when it comes to sensory activities and ball games, in a professional league of their own so we practised all our skills and played football, volleyball and tennis. Stefan is our main star and very active whenever a ball is passed around.

Cristiana offered us moments of sheer joy and she expressed her feelings in the most affectionate way. Whenever she is congratulated for completing a task she offers us kisses and hugs. She showed us in her own special and wonderful way that she is grateful for everything and especially for having us all around her to support and encourage her to boldly step into the future.

The children are always keen to get hands on and to socialise with their peers.

We were so glad to see our young heroes unwind, laugh, have fun and forget about their woes in the company of their best friends and supporters. All the activities were intense for them and at the end the children were ready to have dinner and listen to some goodnight stories. It was just the first day on a busy summer agenda.

Stay tuned, as our outdoorsy adventures are yet to begin!