Thank You to Our Supporters

Dear Friends,

The COVID 19 pandemic is not over, but we were so touched by the support of all of you helping us to achieve amazing results until now.

I write this with heartfelt thanks for your special assistance in meeting the extraordinary costs to St Margaret’s hospice because of COVID-19. Thanks to you, our generous and gracious supporters in the UK, a sum of over £36,000 was raised to meet these immediate and extraordinary costs. Your generosity has helped us meet the urgent expenses and continues to help us with on-going expenses for protective equipment, sanitizers and on-going testing of children and staff.

Our costs rose dramatically last spring, three time our normal, because of COVID, resulting from the need to purchase protective clothing, sanitary stations and equipment, and tests of children and staff for the virus. The most expensive cost last spring was complying with the Romanian government mandate of two-week nursing and care-giver placements in our hospices, without permission of the staff to leave the premises. This required us to purchase on an emergency basis 12 beds for the quarantined staff, as well as provision of food to cover their 14-days in quarantine. At the same time, CID was required to self-quarantine the other half of the nurse and care staff at home, with full salary and benefits. On a 14-day rotation, the staff who worked at the hospices were released to go home, into self-quarantine, with full salary and benefits, while those who had been quarantined at home were required to enter two weeks in quarantine at the hospices.

The fight against COVID is not finished. We continue to test and use all the protective equipment and other protocols to keep our children and staff safe. Up to the beginning of September the results of the PCR tests showed negative results for both children and staff.

During this period, we did not receive any assistance from the authorities. Practically we had to fight alone the COVD 19 pandemic. We could not have done this, with a zero-infection rate until now, without you!!

Thank you and best wishes for your safety and well-being,

Valentina Zaharia

CEO CID UK and Romania