The gift of warmth

When the lovely people at Newton Wallacetown Parish Church call and ask us to pick up a donation, we get very excited in the office.  We know when we unpack it we are in for a treasure trove of colourful, hand-made, knitted goods that simply astound us.

This time was no exception, when church representative, Irene Montgomerie contacted us and told us that not only did our friends at Newton Wallacetown Parish Church contribute to the donation, but also the congregation of the near St Leonards Church also contributed we were over the moon.

To see the rainbow of colours and quality of all the beautifully knitted clothes was overwhelming.  These wonderfully talented people never cease to amaze us.  With over 140 jumpers, 128 hats not to mention the scarves, dresses, mittens & booties, it really was a great feeling to know that so many of our children are going to benefit from such a wonderful gift.

Thank you all so very much for your continued support.