The new “normal”: isolation at work.







Gone are the two weeks in which the first group of 10 people from St. Margaret’s Centre care staff were forced to isolate from dear ones and continue to work in the same building.

Now it is the turn of the second group to replace the first group of employees. This time eleven people, who were in isolation at home during the last couple of weeks, are forced to spend 24 hours per day, 14 days at work.

For each member of the two groups the situation they had to face was not exactly easy. The first group had to stay away from the family, spending the Easter holidays at work, while the second group was unable to leave their home.

The care and medical staff who take care of the children are doing well and none manifested specific Coronavirus symptoms although the Foundation took immediate measures by requesting the Public Health Directorate to send specific tests for everyone involved.

The children are doing fine and were incredibly happy to get together with the second group of people who were away during these last couple of weeks. They greeted everyone with smiles, warm hugs and confessed their sincere feelings towards getting together again with some of their favourite people.

A new period of working in isolation at the Centre awaits us which means we will face other challenges. It is not yet known whether this situation will continue to apply following May 15th when the emergency situation will no longer be in force and the Government will ease the measures for most of the population.

So far, we have received help from many generous people who provided daily warm meals for our dedicated staff members. We still need to support those around us in order to cope with the current situation and the high prices of protection and sanitation products and equipment.

We always strive to do our best, no matter the circumstances, and we hope these challenging times will come to an end soon.