Their friendship makes my heart sing

Sarah Nicole Smith is an American expat mum living in Bucharest, who is a friend of CID RO., recently Sarah shared

“I started to explain to Alex my son about the children in St Margaret’s Hospice, who have disabilities and then I stopped myself. Why tell him? He see children just like any other child. He plays with them, loves them and doesn’t let their differences get in the way.

How sad is it that, the older we get, many people begin to marginalize these children/adults just because they are not like us. But yet they are… they have feelings, they love, they cry, they laugh. They are just like us. Who gives us the rights to define what is “normal”?

Being a mother of a child with Down syndrome, over the last year, has opened my eyes to a whole other world. I don’t go around telling people “my son is adopted” so many people, some complete strangers, ask me “did you not know when you were pregnant?” Which to me is basically saying “did you not want a pregnancy termination?” …. people are so naive. My beautiful son laughs, cries, loves, and acts just like any other child- he just does it in his own time. It breaks my heart that his biggest struggle in life isn’t going to be because of his Down Syndrome- it’s going to be the mentality of the people around him. Sadly, these people are the ones who will missing out on knowing him and kids like him. These children are so much joy, I have no doubt that God allows children with disabilities to teach us about unconditional love, about Him, about true joy.

Why can’t we all be like an innocent child, like Alex, and see people with disabilities equal to us? To call them our friends? Our sons and daughters? I think friendships like Darius and Alex’s shouldn’t be something ‘rare’… it should be the normal. With or without disabilities, we are all simply human beings, capable of true friendship and love.”