Tokens of Love

The children from St. Christopher’s Curtea de Arges shared tokens of love and appreciation with all the beautiful ladies in our local community.

During the last couple of weeks, our dedicated group of children worked hard to create beautiful spring themed accessories, small gifts called “martisoare”, which will be worn on the left lapel of coats throughout the first month of spring, in March. The story tells us that if you decide to wear the beautiful accessory throughout the first month of spring, when the last day of March arrives, the token of love must be hung using its red and white bow string on the branches of a fruit tree and a wish made. The gesture will bring love, happiness and abundance to the lucky one who completes this century-old ritual.

The children put lots of creativity into the process and the final results were truly amazing and brought moments of sheer joy and appreciation among Mums, Grans, teachers and sponsors.

After all the “martisoare” were shared, we took them out to a local cake shop and had some delicious sweet slices with various flavours. The children forgot about the blisters on their fingers and felt that their entire experience was beyond expectation. They decided that from now on, whenever they can, they will continue to organise such campaigns to help local people forget about their worries and woes and replace disgruntled faces with bright happy smiles.