Vasile joins our unconventional family of love and care.

We are delighted to inform you that towards the end of last week another child joined our St. Andrew’s family of love and care, born on September 20, 2020, named Vasile, diagnosed with type I gangliosides, floppy infant syndrome and global developmental delay.

Vasile was born prematurely at 28 weeks at Polizu Hospital in Bucharest. His mum was only 16 years old on the day of his birth, underage, and during the entire pregnancy she did not attend routine check-ups or regular doctor monitoring. Vasile weighed 1570g at birth, he was CPAP ventilated for eight days, subsequently on oxygen supply, and was released from the maternity ward after four months.

He continued to develop several respiratory infections and he was hospitalized for acute respiratory insufficiency at Pitesti Paediatric Hospital, at Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital in Bucharest and at IOMC Hospital in Bucharest. At the beginning of May 2021, he was hospitalized again for acute respiratory insufficiency. Following this the doctors recommended to have him relocated to a proper facility that caters to his needs and diagnosis, he was put on a course of antibiotics and the recommendation is to be kept on oxygen therapy permanently.

Taking into consideration the financial status of his Mum who lives in a rural area and does not have electricity at her home and the educational level of her family (her mum is underage, and the maternal grandparents have no qualifications), the fact that Vasile needs oxygen therapy based on his oxygen saturation level, the specialists decided to relocate him to a specialized centre, namely St. Andrew’s Centre, as he requires permanent specialized care and monitoring.

Vasile is bottle fed with special milk formula; he can open his mouth, turn his head, and take the bottle. When somebody strokes his cheeks, he turns his head and gazes in the direction of sounds, he moves his body in response to sounds, he gazes at people and likes to establish eye contact and he no longer cries when he hears an adult’s soothing voice. Vasile can kick his legs when he is placed on his back in his cot.  He continues to accommodate to the centre’s environment and to our staff who shower him with affection and love every day.

Welcome, our little one! We hope you will adapt well to this new home and that you will feel safe and cherished.