Welcome Bubu

Marius Daniel or Bubu, as everyone likes to call him, is an adorable three-year-old boy. He arrived at the centre four months ago. We are incredibly happy to be able to offer him the care and attention he deserves. Bubu was diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome, an unspecific developmental delay and he has a severe invalidity certificate.

Bubu was cared for by a Maternal nurse during his first years since his biological parents could not cover the costs associated with his medical care. Following the passing away of the nurse, he was relocated to an emergency facility.

After all the paperwork was submitted, Bubu was transferred to our home and he got along with everyone straight away.  His accommodation was straightforward and easy. He likes his daily routine.

Bubu loves taking part in the centre’s activities with his peers.

He is drawn to musical and movement games and exercises. During group activities, Bubu collaborates well and likes the “Bear that sleeps and dreams” game. He finds it difficult to share his toys with other kids and he sometimes cries when his preferred toy is with another child.

Bubu communicates well with adults and children. He likes to be hugged and caressed. He sometimes gets in a corner and manifests self-harming behaviors but with the help of our specialised staff he manages to overcome his urges. Using educational therapy, Bubu performs activities aimed at developing his language and vocabulary acquisitions and enhancing his motor development.

Following physiotherapy evaluation, the specialist noted that Bubu’s orthostatic walking is performed with slight anterior reclining and he cannot walk in straight lines. He has good joint mobility and status and his muscle strength is at a good level.

Bubu was visited by his Mum recently and his specialists would like for Bubu to continue to enjoy a healthy family bond.

We are delighted Bubu is a part of our story and we hope he will continue to make progress surrounded by our unconventional family.