Welcome, Iustin!

We’d like to introduce you to 10-month old Iustin. This adorable young man has been battling a cruel disease throughout his short life and has a limited life expectancy.

Since birth, Iustin’s parents have tried in vain to adapt to his medical needs. They fought hard to care for him, and sadly many of their dreams for their child will never be realised due to the numerous medical procedures and extensive care that he requires. They have done their best to cope without neglecting, Iustin’s sister.

Despite having Mum by his side 24/7, constantly striving to cater to his needs and surrounding him with all her love and care, Iustin was not thriving. He was not gaining weight and he had several convulsive seizures as a result of prolonged sleep deprivation or crying bouts. Eventually they took the decision to hospitalise him.

During his hospital stay, Mum never left his side and his sister missed them both a lot. Dad really wanted to give them the best family life possible. In fact, both lustin’s parent’s tried everything they could to alleviate their son’s constant suffering and maintain a balanced life. Finally, they decided to place Iustin in the care of experts.

This is how, Iustin came to be part of our story. Now, as the newest member, he is the darling of our unconventional, loving and caring family.

It’s been a couple of weeks since his arrival, and Iustin has adapted very well to his new home. He’s begun to gain some very much needed weight, and has not had any stays in hospital or convulsive seizures since he arrived. He enjoys long sleeps and his overall condition has improved tremendously.

Following physiotherapy sessions, he’s started to make progress, and can now open and close his fists. He’s cared for alongside his new foster brothers and sisters, with plenty of love and attention, enjoying the perfect environment for him.

Mum visits him often and is delighted to see her son receiving the best care possible. She realises that placing her son in a specialist facility was the best decision she could have made..

All of us here at the centre, together with Iustin’s parents, continue to fight to provide the best standards of care for our youngest member. We’ll provide a safe and secure environment in which we can alleviate his suffering and support his fight for life.

If you’d like to help support the care of Iustin, please see our Gifts from the Heart.