Welcome Robert!









We would like to use this opportunity to welcome Robert to our small yet welcoming home!

Robert Andrei Serban is an adorable 28-month-old toddler.

He was born prematurely and faced numerous health problems in the following months.

Diagnosed with spastic tetraparesis, internal hydrocephaly surgically removed, he required multiple hospital stays including for an operation to have a shunt mounted.

Robert spent the first two years in his life moving from one hospital to another due to his health problems following his birth.

Although his parents were interested about his health status, their limited means and ability to care for his special needs led to them requesting his placement in a specialized facility. During mid-September 2021, Robert arrived at St. Margaret’s Centre.

Here he can receive all the specialized care he needs to be able to live a dignified life without continuous pain.

His parents were delighted to learn that their young son will be showered with all the love and care the CID children are already used to.

Since his first days in our cosy home, Robert managed to adapt quickly to his new environment and to our friendly caregivers and he was recently introduced to his peers. They were all delighted and welcomed their new baby friend with a lot of enthusiasm.

Robert was happy to meet them and is always looking forward to the next interaction with his peers.

Although he can’t communicate using words, he likes to show us his positive state of mind through broad smiles during each interaction.

Until recently Robert was in good shape, and he did not experience health related problems.

We hope we will continue to offer him all the love and special care he needs so that he will be healthy and happy.

We are delighted to be able to transform Robert’s life into a pleasant journey and hopefully, a wonderful adventure!