Welcome to CID’s home Anastasia!









We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Anastasia to our home!

Anastasia is a four-month-old infant who was diagnosed with a severe digestive illness.

She comes from a loving, legally constituted family and she has two siblings. Her Mom found out about the child’s digestive problems during pregnancy. Following the C-section, the child required oxygen therapy. Anastasia was mechanically ventilated for over 96 hours due to her breathing problems. The in-utero diagnosis was confirmed following the birth. Sadly, Anastasia was born with an esophagus malformation which required reconstructive surgery.

After birth, Anastasia was hospitalized for 4 months where she underwent surgery to have her esophagus reconstructed.

At present she is fed through a stroma and her esophagus also has an opening through which she occasionally eliminates excess secretions. Unfortunately, Anastasia requires specialized and complex care which involves proper feedings and maintaining her within optimal parameters. The entire feeding process is complicated, takes time and requires specialized knowledge regarding proper palliative care techniques. Additionally, she needs permanent monitoring and care of her gastric stroma to prevent infection and inflammation of the surrounding area. Not to mention that her esophagus stroma also requires specialized care.

Anastasia’s parents were always by her side and tried to offer her all the care that she requires. Unfortunately, they do not have medical training and were forced to inform the social protection authorities. The Child Protection and Social Assistance Department Sector 3 Bucharest recommended Anastasia be relocated to St. Margaret’s Centre where she can receive proper medical services.

Anastasia is a happy and curious child who laughs and coos whenever people interact with her. She is playful and energetic, and she constantly moves her arms and legs. She continues to grow up despite life’s challenges. Her parents keep in touch with our Centre’s staff and are looking forward to her turning 6 months old so that she can undergo a surgical intervention abroad. In the meantime, Anastasia receives all the attention, love and specialized care from St. Margaret’s Centre staff, and she is monitored 24/7 by the Centre’s collaborating paediatrician.

We hope Anastasia’s health will continue to improve and we are positive the upcoming surgical intervention will offer her the chance to lead a normal life.