Our continued thanks to St Mary-at-Latton, Harlow where John and Alyth Hughes were members of the Choir and regular worshippers.   It, not only sends a donation from its Annual Stewardship but also provides many articles of clothing and knitted goods and teddies which the children benefit from.


Our thanks go  to individual members of the Ely Cathedral Community who show interest and buy cards and goods from our sales.

Our thanks  go  to the staff of the Cathedral Centre for allowing us to use it for a modest fee.   It is in a perfect place for use in all sorts of events

Our thanks go to  to Christabel Gairdner, who lives in Barnes.   She has now given her time and expertise for the last five years by playing a lovely selection of piano recitals for us in the Cathedral.

Out thanks go to to Helen Petit, Jonathan Rogers, the parents and  the young perfoming members of the Lantern Dance Group, who have been to Romania to help and inspire Autistic children through dance and who, extolling the benefits of dance, perform regually in support of our work.

Alyth Hughes, Fund-a-Physio’s Consultant Physiotherpist, is personally grateful to all those who help support her work, since this enables the four therapy visits a year to Romania and provides support for conferences and teaching workshops.   The way forwards in Romania is mainly by teaching and supporting.   The purpose is to get the country to stand on its own feet before too long so that Children in Distress can move on to other more needy places.   When one goes into the country of Romania, the poverty and need of the country is still evident.  Lack of fresh water, sanitation and education is common and as with other countries, belonging to the EU has made the rich, richer and the poor, even poorer.