The initial foundation support of Children in Distress was within the Anglican Communion. Today it has broad based support but as relatively new charity we are dependent on the generosity and support of individuals to offer help hope and hospice care and to save and change lives.

The Charity is dedicated to helping suffering children in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.  We work with the sick, the incurably and terminally ill, those with HIV AIDS or Autistic Spectrum Disorders, the physically handicapped and those who face a daily challenge for life as result of accident, infection, genetic or birth defects, those who daily race discrimination or religious persecution, the socially excluded, the desperate and disadvantaged children and families, the poorest of the poor.

Since our first aid transports rolled out in 1990, our care teams have cared for children in Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and the other emergent states of the former Yugoslav Republic.

We care for children in the very worst circumstances “Europe’s Forgotten Children” and as our mission statement makes clear our role is – To cure, sometimes; to help, often; to comfort, always. We desperately need your help; we would like you to be part of our family of care

Do you want to help one of Europe’s forgotten children?

  • Give a child with a disability the chance to be the best they can be
  • Give an abandoned  terminally ill child the chance to die with dignity surrounded by love and affection
  • Reach out to a child with HIV/AIDS or incurable illness?
  • Rescue a child from a life on the streets, abuse, drugs and or prostitution, and give them a safe and secure future and a life worth living?
  • Can help us give a lonely and abandoned orphan loving family care?

You have found the Charity for you, please become part of our Children in Distress family, become a volunteer; make a donation or better still sponsor a child today and give them the life they deserve.