The St Andrew’s complex houses a gradiniţa, school classes and the Coremi Project, of  tailored sheltered education, child development and socialisation programmes for groups of young people excluded from mainstream education as a result of disability, ethnic origin or HIV AIDS, or those at risk of just falling into a life on the street.

Uniquely, “Copii Pentru Copii”, the PHAB (physically handicapped able bodied) Project, based in the complex, each year changes the perception of disability for all the thirty plus young people for the local high school involved, as they learn to help those less able than themselves lead a more normal life.


Because of the large storage areas in the roof space of the main building in the St Andrew’s complex continues to store wheelchairs, standing frames, walking aids and therapy equipment shipped to Romania for use, but not immediately allocated to hospice residents or those in the charity’s community programmes. This stock of equipment is available on loan and over 250 aids  have been placed on rotating loan or freely  transferred to individuals, hospital patients  or those in the care of other organisations, care centres or local authorities where such equipment is at a premium or almost nonexistent.