St Macrina’s Centre operated by Father Gabriel is home to over 40 children abandoned or excluded from the family home or exposed to the potential risk of life on the streets of Bucharest. Funds permitting, all aspects of the centre’s work are supported by St Margaret’s Complex. Children in Distress, specifically funds the education of fifteen street children. The programme provides tutors, books and meals but primarily offers the opportunity of a last chance access to high school education and subsequent prospect of good employment. The educational programme’s main purpose is to prevent school dropout and family alienation for children coming from families with socio/financial difficulties; to involve each child in different extra-curricular activities including extra-tuition and encourage them to directly participate in the educational process using a multidisciplinary psychological, social and educational professional approach. The children between 7-17 years of age come from socially excluded and financially disadvantaged groups such as single parent families, or those whose families have low educational levels of interest or attainment and or unstable employment.

At St. Macrina’s we provide the following services:

  • extra-tuition
  • socialising and leisure activities
  • counselling for parents, and also to children
  • ensuring school basic supplies and equipment to each child

In 2009 the education and socialisation programme was so successful that everyone involved passed their junior school graduation exam at the first sitting and were ensured access to the Bucharest high schools of choice.