The CDC team provides specific therapeutic services (physiotherapy, speech and language, occupational, behavioural therapy and psychological assessment and counselling) for children between birth to 16 years of age with disabilities or with developmental delay. St. Nicholas Child Developmental Therapy Centre this year assisted over 108 children with general developmental delays, neurological-motor syndromes, speech developmental disorders, language developmental disorders, intellectual disabilities, genetic syndromes, complex disabilities and finally orthopedic and muscular disabilities the following services:

  • speech and language therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • aqua therapy
  • hypo-therapy (riding for the disabled)
  • behavioral modification therapy
  • group therapy services
  • individual and group child and parental counselling;
  • Multi-disciplinary assessment services

A mirror programme is delivered from the centre and in a community peripatetic basis across Arges County from the St Nicolas Child Development Centre based within St Andrew’s Hospice and Children’s Centre in Pitesti.