Wonderful surprises in store for the children

Beautiful moments, glimpses of happiness and excitement at the pleasure of discovering gifts sent by big-hearted UK supporters.  As usual, the children like to live every moment at high intensity and always find new ways of using things. We had the pleasure of receiving parcels from our friends from afar, beautifully coloured and just in time for the weather changing.

They enjoyed receiving nice toys, very much needed school supplies, clothes, dresses and shoes. The crocheted blankets found new owners and homes where they became useful pieces of décor or comforters covering beds and tables and beautifying the spaces. Moreover, the children decided to organize workshops that are more creative in the coming weeks, the last weeks of summer and of their summer break and to use the received gifts to create dresses, skirts and find new ways of bringing to life their favourite book characters they got to know better during our summer book clubs.

Our children know how to do it best and they always teach us how to do new things! Inanimate objects come to life in the hands of a creative kid and we love to test our limits and creativity!

We would like to thank our kind supporters for their incredibly considerate gesture that sparked new and exciting projects for our children.