“Young Volunteering Campaign”

Children sitting drawing

In February 2019 we will be continuing the campaign which is currently developing throughout 18 schools entitled:

“Different but together in a better-informed community”

An awareness campaign dedicated to local communities and the Romanian public. This time we visited several day-care facilities, namely “La Turn” kindergarten and “Lilo Club” in Chiajna, an area near Bucharest.

The workshops took place with the help of the teachers and educators that take care of the young children willing to find out more about people with disabilities. Just like it happened during previous activities, our meeting started with the “1-2-3 face the wall, stop” game. Despite their young age, the children were incredibly receptive and engaged during all the activities. They learned how to behave when a child with disabilities is present and how they can lend a hand and make the child included and safe with them.

Next, we invited everyone to build an alley of dreams and each child got to decorate his or her paper little man and draw their dreams on sheets of paper. It was another important step for them as the majority of children knew exactly what they wanted, while others asked for some time to think it through some more. The alley of dreams transformed like magic from a simple and white alley into a colourful one filled with paper men and beautiful dreams. Colour and creativity filled the space and inundated the atmosphere with positivity and hopefulness. The boys and girls were enjoying their time dreaming about being a princess or prince, about castles and fantasy lands where anything is possible.

We were delighted to see the children at work, to learn so much about them and to see how determined they were to transform their dreams into reality. At such a young age they know a lot about our world, and must be encouraged so that they turn into fully functional adults who know how to behave properly and how to accept other people, even if they might seem different at first.

We are incredibly happy to see that the campaign is a real success and through the use of smart and interactive methods we are able to change mentalities and erase prejudices so that we will have a close-knit community filled with beautiful people in the future. Childhood is the most precious time that is given to us once and we must learn to treasure it and bring out the best in every one of us so that we can have a brighter future.